I had a blessed moment to drink some mighty fine drip coffee today and reflect on God’s word. So I selected some verses from the Bible that spoke about our new identities and purposes in God’s family. And my friend, of course, had some beautiful photography to complement. Any more verses that you love about our roles as Christians? Leave them in the comment section!


I am now in a familial relationship with the God of the universe by merely accepting the fact that Jesus Christ died for my sins (I Corinthians 15:3-4). Wow. This thought should stop me anytime I want to grumble about a bad day.


I have also heard “handiwork” translated as “masterpiece”. I am a masterpiece. I have intrinsic value. And He has a special purpose just for me.


All of us who know the reconciling and sacrificial love of Jesus should be sharing it with others. Also I need to remember I represent my Heavenly Father at all times while walking around this earth. This thought brings me to my knees in prayer for help to not give Jesus a bad name by poor representation.


He wants me to live each day in hopeful expectation of His return. And what better motivation for making good life choices? Would I want the Lord to return and find me behaving the way I am now?


3 Replies to “a pretty thing: our purpose”

  1. This was the best post yet, though they have all been so very good (and I am proud). Hope all is well, much snow on the ground (which is a good thing, we need the moisture), and it is cold, 6 degrees right now. Hope your three men are well, I know you take such good care of them, and there too, I am proud. Againthis was very good!!!…….


  2. Thank you for sharing so openly. And indeed we do live in expectation of Christ’s return – I need to be reminded of that always!


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